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The best place to get smooth hair

is Fringe Hair Salon.

Do you want silky smooth hair?

Our Brazilian blowouts or keratin treatments are the answer.  We can provide you with expert advice to make the decision that is right for your hair.

Ask about our special keratin treatment pricing when you come in for your next haircut.

Are you having trouble deciding between a Brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment? Both are great for smoothing your hair without causing any damage to your hair follicles, and can add shine to your hair while sealing in color.


Brazilian blowouts have a shorter application time and require less maintenance than traditional keratin treatments, but keratin treatments can be customized to your specific hair type.


Our stylists can help you determine which process will be the most beneficial for your hair. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to learn more.

Brazilian blowouts versus keratin treatments

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